Date : 25th April 2024
Time : 06:00 PM - 10:00 PM


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  • Organizations/Individuals must have demonstrated commitment, vision, calculated risk-taking, capacity for growth, and be an independent thinker in the face of uncertainty.
  • Organizations/Individuals must have demonstrated growth capabilities by building strategic alliances and surrounding themselves with a range of advisers/allies to ensure success for all.
  • Such Organizations/Individuals must have pioneered in taking a new approach or technology and creating a culture of innovative thinking.
  • The Organizations/Individuals must possess personal integrity/influence, coupled with the ability to communicate ideas. Organizations must have proven their management skills and the potential to influence others.
  • Presented evidence of outstanding and distinguished activities.
  • Organizations/Individuals must have demonstrated the ability to influence Insurance society and its institutions through principles, initiatives, and a philosophy

For categories under INSURERS OF THE YEAR, as well InsureTek Reinsurer of the Year and Broker of the Year

  • Remarkable achievements or milestones that the company has recently achieved?
  • The biggest challenges that the company encountered, and the solutions implemented to overcome these challenges?
  • Unique and innovative initiatives introduced by the company to substantially boost its business?
  • Details of Financial stability and growth of industry players.
  • Enhanced risk management practices.
  • Crucial Decisions taken to mitigate the challenges during Pandemic.
  • Investing in the profession.
  • Corporate governance practices followed.
  • Sustainable social corporate responsibility projects introduced by the company.

For categories under SUPPORTING PROJECTS:

  • How has the project introduced new or cutting-edge innovation in the industry?
  • Has the project/product/service achieved its objectives and targets? What measures have been used to assess its success and the overall impact of the project on your company and industry?
  • Is the strategy, project, service, or product flexible to changes and progressive opportunities?

For the Individual / Personal Award Categories:

  • Provide in detail the remarkable milestones the company has achieved under the individual's leadership?
  • The biggest challenges that the individual has encountered in moving the company forward and the solutions which were implemented to overcome these challenges?
  • Details of the unique and innovative initiatives that the Individual introduced to substantially boost its business?

For InsureTek Categories:

An Insuretek that has:

  • Identified and/or filled a significant market gap
  • Used latest technology as a 3rd party provider or customer interface to support the industry
  • Created an exceptional experience for customer experience, during midterm adjustments or claims

A Startup enterprise which has the potential to attract Series A/B investor and customers in the future (5 - year Projections and evidence of current state mandatory)