Michele Grosso
Co-Founder and CEO of Democrance


Mohamed Seghir
AXA Green Crescent CEO


Khalil Mechahougui
SwissRe – Senior Actuary


Jonathan Matchett
Partner, MENA Insurance Leader EY


H.E. Fareed Lutfi
The Secretary-General Emirates Insurance Association .
The Secretary-General Gulf Insurance Federation


    The question before insurers is not only how fast they can adapt, but also how quickly they are able to improve efficiency and create customer experiences that are tailor made. As customers are now focused on digital modes of interaction, it has become necessary for to zero in on digital go-to-market techniques in order to attract them.

    Over the last few years, the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Analytics, and Robotic Process Automation in Dubai and Middle East regions are witnessing greater adoptions, helping them reinvent their business model to achieve significant operational and cost efficiencies.

    Keeping in with the times, UAE’s Insurance Authority has recently introduced the Electronic Insurance Regulation necessitates that a considerable number of procedures and safeguards be implemented in respect of all electronic and smart insurance operations performed by licensed insurance companies, and insurance-related professions within the nation.

    With the esteemed we hope to take a deep dive into the opportunities presented to the sector by this new amendment.

  • Increasing conversations around insurance in a post Covid world
  • Emerging digital markets and reaching them
  • Skills Gap in the emerging technologies – and the role the industry can play to change this.
  • Educating the customers
  • The way ahead