There’s no doubt that the aftermath of the pandemic crisis will leave us with a new, unfamiliar situation – an New Normal. Some things about the New Normal are given, though:

  • The world will be in a recession – there will be masses of people worldwide without jobs and companies will seek to maximize short-term profits which will increase competition and price pressure significantly.
  • There will most likely be economic aftershock which will result in further business and market fluctuations.
  • Consumers in general will be used to digital ‘everything’ and will experience any company to offer their services digitally

Following this, incumbent insurers must find a way to become even more competitive and ensure their digital and virtual capabilities in order to stay competitive in the New Normal

Join Frederik as he explains how to approach the necessary transformation of the incumbent insurer and prepare the organization for a seismic shift in operations and digitization


Frederik Bisbjerg

Chief Digital Acceleration Officer at Noor Takaful Insurance
Head of MENA & Digital Transformation Specialist with The Digital Insurer